May 1955

42 x 30cm, 1pp b/w xerox copy of the original short story found in the Glasgow Herald in 1958. This was one of Finlay's first published works (along with others in the same newspaper). At this time the Glasgow Herald was a regional newspaper and carried prose and poetry in its pages. Finlay's short story tells the tale of a middle class doctor visiting an older woman in her house after she has had a heart issue. The doctor is surprised by things he sees (a baby pig being nursed in a drawer is one) and how clean everything is. He warns the wife not to get up on any account and sits the shepherd down to tell him the same of his wife before leaving. The final scene is the shepherd calling on his wife to get up and make dinner.
Finlay was a shepherd for a while in Orkney.
It is near impossible to find a copy of this specific newspaper now because even the large suppliers of past issues did not cover regional papers.