September 1978

Cardiff: Arts Council of Great Britain, 1978
58 x 41cm, three colour offset lithographic exhibition poster with a reproduction of a work "Of famous arcady ye are" - a tank hiding in greenery: a favourite Finlay trope, here with a quotation from John Milton. This was an exhibition that had previously been in London the year before. Formerly folded else VG.


Dunsyre: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1978
9.6 x 14cm, 2pp. Black on white card with a photograph of a German tank in what appears to be a snowy Russia. A soldier lies slumped over the turret, dead.
Another of Finlay's momento mori works - the title directly references the famous painting "ET IN ARCADIA EGO" but the text is in German. A sub heading by Finlay on the back of the card adds: "Things were even worse than this in Arcady...