July 1985

Paris: Gallimard, 1925/1985
23.5 x 18.5cm, 84pp. Original wrappers. The first edition of this collection of texts by the poet issued in an edition of 850 copies by Byars’ favourite publisher. An uncut copy but pages are browned. One the first page Byars has appropriated the book by adding the text “I GIVE YOU GENIUS AGAIN!” in red ink in his starry hand. VG. Unique thus.

Peninsula: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1985
50 x 40cm, silver gelatine print. The photograph of the stream by Robin Gillanders is combined with a short poem by Finlay.

the brown stream
the black stream
the blue stream
the silver stream

The same phrase is repeated with only the colour changing each time. Gillander's photograph is in b/w so one might imagine it in different colours as per the poem - and the water having a different history each time - silver being related to fish or speed, blue in reflections or the sea, black from coal or dirt or darkness and brown from pollution or soil.
This edition is from a portfolio called ‘Dear Stieglitz,’ named in homage to Alfred Stieglitz, the photographer and gallery owner who published the art-photography journal ‘Camera Work’ in the early Twentieth century.
On the reverse is a label with details of the portfolio and image and it is signed by Finlay and numbered in pencil from the edition of only 35 copies. VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1985
10.2 x 24.6cm, 1pp red on white card. The text reads: "FEWER SCULPTURES! MORE STATUES! LIVE AMMUNITION IN COMMUNITY ARTS!"
Clearly a provocation in response to events and Finlay's turning to opposing the council and his other enemies with verbal aggressions. VG+.


NYC: n.p., 1985
5 x 5cm, colour transparency with an image of the Boltanski installation "Monument" from 1985. Handwritten legend on the plastic - a slide provided by a gallery to press or clients. VG+.