Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorne Press, 1990
30.4 x 12.5cm, two printed card labels with string and twine respectively in envelope.
The more extreme Jacobin grouping within the French revolution are compared with the Girondists (who were also committed revolutionaries but who were ousted in the insurrection of 31 May – 2 June 1793 as being insufficiently committed to rooting out perceived traitors to the cause). The latter insurrection of the more extreme of the Sans Culottes led to the Reign of Terror. Twine is much rougher than string - and the metaphor is that of the less cultured people of Paris being less sophisticated and less willing to accept compromises. Only 100 copies of this simple but striking object multiple were made. VG in like envelope.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1990
14 x 12.4cm, 4pp and printed card wrappers. The cover drawing of a boat is by Gary Hincks, internally are two poems by Finlay.

3 Sailboats
Juan Gris
Jean Cocteau
Erik Satie

opposite to

3 Sansculottes
Puvis de Chavannes
Camille Pissarro
Jean_Baptiste Corot

Finlay is associating the the thematic interests of the latter three painters (the lives of the poor and oppressed) against the bourgeois interests of Gris, Cocteau and Satie. The sansculottes being the working class mob in Paris during the revolution who could by sheer numbers overthrow the various attempts at moderate government and led eventually to the rise of Robespierre and the Terror. VG+.


London: Whitechapel Gallery, 1990
76 x 51cm, full colour offset lithographic exhibition poster with an image of one of the "falling angels" shadow play works. VG+.


London: Trustees of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1990
312 x 26 x 4cm, two part cardboard box with tipped on label content of 18 items some of which are reprints of early Boltanski artist's books.
The contents are four booklets with new content:

"Christian Boltanski: Reconstitution" exhibition catalogue, with essay by Lynn Gumpert, 40 pp., with numerous colour and black and white illustrations
"Christian Boltanski 1944-90" catalogue of works, exhibitions and bibliography, 36 pp., with numerous black and white illustrations
"Christian Boltanski: an Interview with Georgia Marsh, " 48 pp., with five black and white illustrations

And five reprints of soft cover artist's books:
"Reconstitution des gestes effectués par Christian Boltanski entre 1948 et 1954, "
"10 Portraits photographiques de Christian Boltanski 1946-1964, "
"Recherche et presentation de tout ce qui reste de mon enfance, "
"Inventaire des objets ayant appartenu a une femme des Bois-Colombes"
"Saynetes Comiques" 32 pp., with 22 black and white illustrations
Additionally there are two facsimile letters:
"Lettre de demande d'aide";
"Lettre aux conservateurs de Musee proposant le projet des inventaires."
"Christian Boltanski a l'honneuer de vous faire ses offres de service, "
"Dispersion a l'amiable".
"Christian Boltanski a 5 ans 3 mois de distance";
"Christian Boltanski et ses freres".
Three color postcards: "Image modèle (La régate), 1975; "Composition decorative, " 1976; "Affiche, " 1974 and a colour poster: "L'Ange d'alliance, " 1986

The box applies Boltanski's interest in reconstituting the past to himself and his artistic career. Some of the books are hard to tell from the original first editions which is an issue for book dealers.
VG+ contents in like box although one booklet has slightly rusted staples. ...

Basel: Kusntehall Basel, 1990
30.5 x 23cms, 92pp, plus original card covers and pictorial dust jacket. Exhibition catalogue for a major exhibition of works with a short essay in German by Thomas Kellein. Eight b/w photographs of Little Sparta and many works reproduced in colours. VG+.