April 1991

Uthrecht: Centraal Museum, 1991
24.5 x 27cm, unpaginated - c. 56pp plus boards. A major festival of public art based on neon and light works. Finlay has a major neon work "C'est-dans-la place du Marche que l'on recontre le plus souvent les reclus" which was placed in the market street,. A quotation from Rousseau, the spectacular neon is reproduced in colour full page. Other major artists included were Jenny Holzer, Ilya Kubukov, Les evine, Lucebert, Bruce Nauman, Richard Prince and Sarkis. as well as others. Some wear to boards else VG+....

Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1991
11 x 15.5cm, 4pp blue outer folder. Internally a 11 x 15.5cm, 4pp sheet with a poem:


Where the eagles circle in
darkness, the sons of the
Alps cross from precipice
to precipice, fearlessly,
on the flimsiest rope

In the Place de la Revolution
the man-made mountain
torrent clatters
and clatters.

The first half of the poem is from Hegel, the second Finlay refers to the increasing pile of heads (which did not really happen but is a popular historical meme) caused by the clattering guillotine.
This is one of a series of works which the Wild Hawthorn Press denoted as "Poems in folders". VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1991
8.2 x 10cm, 8pp with printed blue card covers. Picturesque was a style of painting which stressed the pretty and the kitsch and here Finlay cites in sarcastic terms the view that:
"It is hardly necessary to remark how the view from the house would be enlivened by the smoke of a cottage - " which is a direct quote from Humphry Repton the 18th century gardener and proponent of the style.
Finlay conjoins on the page opposite "- or a Picasso portrait by the inclusion of a recognisable pipe." which forces a modernity onto Repton's rather passe vision. VG+


Frankfurt: Frankfurt Kunstverein, 1991
30 x 21cm, 44pp plus card covers. Exhibition catalogue in the form of a catalogue raisonne of all the the publications of the Wild Hawthorn Press including prints, cards and books etc. The publication seems be based entirely on the Graeme Murray raisonne of the previous year and has the same mistakes in it although it was compiled by Pia SImlig. VG+....

Hamberg: Hamburger Kunstehall, 1991
24.5 x 19cm, 136pp. Original boards. Exhibition catalogue which is really a monograph on the artist's work with colour and b/w images throughout. Essays by Uwe M. Schneede, Von Gunter Metken and Serge Lemoine and an interview with the artist.
This copy is signed in green in by Boltanski on the half-title. VG+.