July 1991

Edinburgh: Talbot Rice Gallery, n.d. (1991)
69 x 41cm, full colour offset lithographic exhibition poster with a recreation of the painting "The Poor Fisherman" by Puvis De Chavannes - however the mast of the boat has had a revolutionary cockade been added to it. - hence adding a political edge to the image more than the original solely religious intent. The exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery that examined the work in some detail and responses to the work.


Edinburgh: Talbot Rice Gallery, 1991
21 x 19cm, 38pp plus wrappers. Illustrated exhibition catalogue for a show proposed by Finlay, themed around the famous painting by Puvis of the Poor Fisherman. Finlay had various new works created on the theme although the show also had other related works by other artists , the catalogue text is by Duncan MacMillan. VG+.


Frankfurt am Main: Museum fur Modern Kunst, 1991
24 x 19cm, 100pp. card covers. Exhibition catalogue which really should be regarded as an artist's book due to 621 small b/w images of the aactual "Swiss dead" which follows a short essay in German and English by Gunter Metken. The images were found and sampled from over 3,000 obituaries from the regional newspaper "Le Nouveliste du Valais" and reprinted without comment. VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1991
26 x 18cm, 20pp plus card wrappers and printed dust jacket. A proposal for Floriade, The Hague, Holland where 6 different inscribed milestones were to be situated. The first reminds one of a gravestone and its text a reminder of death as well as of a journey:

A passerby

The drawings were by Michael Harvey who also drew the proposed plan for the site where the milestones would be placed between two trees in a row.

ix Milestones A Proposal for £65.00 1991 with Michael Harvey 20 pp booklet with dustjacket .0 cm...