April 1992

Docking: Coracle, n.d. (1992)
14.5 x 10.5cm, 8pp plus stiff burgundy printed wrappers. A visual poem written by Simon Cutts in praise (and a little critical en passant) of his friend Ian Hamilton Finlay. Inside the book (which looks like a passport) there are 3 pages - the first is I and has a black rectangle of card pasted to the page, the next page has the H and has empty spaces where similar rectangles might be pasted and the final page F has a black card shaped like a guillotine blade.
Not only referencing Finlay's interest in the French revolution - but also a slight hint at the poet's somewhat irascible nature (which moderated in his old age - by the time I met him he was a pussycat) in the darkness of the shapes and the sharpness of the final "blade". A rather nice little work in homage to the man. VG+.