October 1996

Little Sparta/Nottingham: Wild Hawthorn Press/Tarasque Press, 1996
15.5 x 11.3cm, 2pp. A constellation of short translated haiku which were previously allocated to their Japanese authors have the names of the original writers crossed out and replaced by names from the English National football time such as:

Breakwater posts
the sea so calm
on the other side

Paul Gascoigne

The original poems were translated by Stuart Mills and Finlay appended the footballers. Finlay suggesting that the poems give up some essence of the sportsman.
This card has a short dedication in ink on the back from Mills to Robertson "for Paul from Stuart". VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1996
15.2 x 13.5cm, 42pp, card with a photograph by Robin Gillanders where Finlay has associated the fast flowing stream with that of an Italian racing car. This image was also used in the "Dear Stiglitz" portfolio. VG+.


NYC: Nolan / Eckman Gallery, n.d. (1996)
15 x 21cm, 2pp. Announcement card for the title exhibition of prints by Finlay which also mentions the "artist's book" of the same title. VG+. One text work by Finlay on the front listing boat names as a visual poem.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1996
8.8 x 12.6cm, 1pp, artist's postcard printed black on brown. There is a "found free style haiku" from a book on model boats:

drift (mist) net

The card published in Autumn reflects the colours of the fall and the weather. VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1996
9.5 x 15.2cm, 4pp, folding card with a drawing of a row of beached boats in Hastings by Gary Hincks printed black on brown. There are three one line poems inside the card:

The WEST COUNTRY STONE BARGE bares mortal timbers

the HASTINGS LUGGER steers backwards slowly

The LEIGH BAWLEY sails on silent sails.

Finlay as ever likes a pun or an association with a sound - the Bawley (Bawl) is silent not loud, the Lugger goes backwards because traditionally it was launched stern first and the Stone Barge carries wood not stone. VG+.


NYC: Nolan / Eckman Gallery, 1996
16.5 x 18.5cm, 28pp. Original printed boards. Artist's book and exhibition catalogue with 7 tipped on colour lithographs - one of a boat and the other 6 of patterned images that seem abstract but are different images of "reef knots" - drawn by Gary Hincks - the ropes that drop from the sails allowing them to be tied up and the area of the sail reduced if required. These images were also released as a print portfolio. The names of the boats that the different sails are taken from are printed opposite every image - the different styles make the prints attractive and each is printed in a different dominant colour. Only 350 such books were printed.