October 1997

Edinburgh: Morning Star Press, 2002
10.5 x 15cm, 2pp announcement card for the Anthology assemblage publication which Finlay contributed to along with others such as Lawrence Weiner, Richard Tuttle, Thomas A. Clark, Pavel Buchler, David Bellingham, Jackson Mac Low and others. On the front an original photograph with one of the name tags included in the book stitched onto a shirt. VG+. Scarce.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1997 11.5 x 12.8cm, 4pp card with a drawing of a Zulu boat by Gary Hincks. The sails of the ship are black (reflecting the name of the type of boat). Internally Finlay has two texts:

of cloud
at the masthead


of foam
at the waist.

The top and bottom of the moving ship show similar features. VG+.