May 2000

Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 2000
8 x 17.9cm, 4pp artist's card with a landscape drawing by Gary Hincks. Internally there is a poem by Finlay:


(Farmsteads, streams,
serious woods),

the rainstorm's portcullis
closes the view.

One of a number of such cards with detailed illustrations of poems, in the same dramatic style, by Hincks all published in the same year. Finlay's reference to the rainstorm's portcullis is the raging rain coming down in sheets that look like vertical lines on the horizon. VG+.


London: Pump House Gallery, 2000
15.5 x 10.3cm, printed brown envelope content of Sweet Pea Early Multiflora Gigantea mixed seeds. This seed packet was the announcement object for a group show which included Thomas A. CLark, Mat Collishaw, Anya Gallaccio, Michael Landy and FInlay amongst others. Unopened and unusual.