September 2007

Paris (Malakoff): Maison des Arts - Centre d'art contemporain de Malakoff, 2007
21 x 15cm, a book consisting of ten images of colour images faces that have been cut into three sections each and spine bound (plus front and back covers). The splitting allows the viewer to recombine the 30 sections to create new combinations of faces. Boltanski has used this format (found in children's books more commonly) in other works including CHANCE at the Biennale of Venice. Malakoff is the area of Paris where the artist was born and also now lives.
Book was issued during the exhibition of the same title also in Malakoff. VG+ condition and surprisingly hard to find.


n.p. (Paris/Berlin?): s.p., n.d. (c. 2007)
84 x 60cm, two colour poster print with a full sheet image of Monk alongside a parody/homage by Monk of Jeff Koon's highly polished rabbit sculpture - however in Monk's version it looks deflated. Alongside this featureless work Monk has deleted his own face with an overprinted circle of colour (which references other works by the artist using a single large point). This is an signed example from a unstated limited edition. Fine.