June 2014

Paris. Editions Dilecta, 2014
32 x 22 x 5cm, two part heavy cardboard box with printed label content of:

a 17 x 24cm book which contains ten 13 x 18cm, full colour lenticular images tipped onto each page such that one can see two different images when the page is angled towards or away from the viewer.
a 54 x 36cm 4PP full colour artist's broadside folded to 27 x 36cm
a further 13 x 18cm lecticular photograph set into the lid of the box using photocorners
a signed and numbered 21 x 15cm, 1pp colophon sheet.

Deliuxe artist's book based on images found in the Wehrmacht magazine "Signal" that Boltanski bought at flea markets in Paris. Previously issued as a signed and numbered print, Boltanski here matches up images such that a war related photograph has a corresponding "normal" life image (often pretty girls enjoying themselves).
This is one of only 170 numbered and signed copies (with 20 HC copies also retained by the artist and 10 artist's proofs). VG+.