November 2020

Glasgow: Project 78 Gallery, 2017
23 x 17 x 5cm, unprinted two part cardboard box content of a 63 part (large piece format) jigsaw which when solved shows the work SIGH - which the title indicates as coming from the creator of the Peanuts cartoon series. An image of the completed jigsaw is tipped on the inner box lid. One of only three such puzzles signed and numbered on a 7.5 x 21cm, 1pp printed insert. Some stains to outer unprinted box else VG+. JOINT WITH: A signed typed letter from Scott Robertson offering the work as a gift to Paul Robertson from the artist. ...

Glasgow: s.p. (Robertson), 2015
9 x 6.4cm, standard pack of 52 playing cards with two additional colophon and title cards in unprinted box. A conceptual artwork where each card carries a text indicating alternative ideas for the artwork that were not realised. One of only 10 such boxes signed and numbered by Robertson on one of the cards.VG+. ...

Rannoch Moor: s.p. (Maris), 2015
30 x 42cm full colour unique c-print showing one of the graves from the Potter's Field installation - this was the first exhibition in the Garden at LUST & THE APPLE. Each of 9 "graves" were simple mounds of bare earth, each marked with a single unadorned white quartzite stone, sourced from Schiehallion – a ‘sacred mountain’ apocryphally linked to the Knights Templar.
The path between the graves and the paved square at one corner of the Field contained a ‘Temenos’. The public are invited to leave their own offerings to the deceased Muses within the Temenos.
"Enter with reverence and respect for the nine Muses /who are buried in this Potter’s Field. /Do not desecrate their Memory.  A Potter’s Field containing nine pauper’s graves, one for each of the classical Muses is found>"
The photograph shows one of the graves which is starting to be overgrown with weeds and one of the headstones. Unique. Signed on the bottom.


Brescia: Galleria Massimo Minini, 2020
30 x 21cm, 2pp announcement on paper with die cut holes. Group show with a number of artists represented by holes for stellar objects with representative size indicating (perhaps by design) the importance of their work but also the theme of the night sky. Else text only in English on reverse where Monk has also signed this in pencil. VG+.