We are always interested in offers of rare and significant art and related material including books, records, editions, prints, posters and ephemera including documents.

In particular we would be interested in all items relating to the following artists (usually items created BEFORE the artist’s death) – please email us at mail@unoriginalsins.com with details, images if possible and the price you would like to offer the item(s) for.

Abramovic, Marina
Acconci, Vito
Ader, Bas Jan
Alys, Francis
Andre, Carl
Antin, Elanor
Art Brus
Art Formale
Art & Language
Arte Povera
Artist’s Stamps (Cinderella Stamps)
Baldessari, John
Barney, Matthew
Barry, Robert
Basquiat, Jean-Michel
Beau Geste Press
Becher, Hilla and Bernard
Beuys, Joseph
Boetti, Alighero
Boltanski, Christian
Brecht, George
Broodthaers, Marcel
Brouwn, Stanley
Byars, James Lee
Calle, Sophie
Chopin, Henri
Conceptual Art
Concrete and visual poetry
Coum Transmissions (including Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti)
Counter Culture (including Red Army Fraction and British Anarchism and 60s American cultural movements)
Dada (NOT reprints)
Darboven, Hanna
Duchamp, Marcel
Dutch anarchism (including Provo and Kaboutiers)
Emin, Tracey
Evans, Donald
Filliou, Robert
Finlay, Ian Hamilton (and the Wild Hawthorn Press)
General Idea
Gilbert & George
Gonzalez-Torres, Felix
Gruppe Nul (And Zero)
Higgins, Dick
Hirst, Damien
International Situationism (including Guy Debord)
Johnson, Ray
Jorn, Asgar (and CoBrA)

Kippenberger, Martin
Klein, Yves
Kudo, Tetsumi
KWY Group (including Lourdes Castro)
Lewitt, Sol
Long, Richard
Maciunas, George (and all vintage Fluxus)Matta-Clark, Robert
Mail Art
Metzger, Gustav (and Destruction in Art – DIA)
Messager, Annette
Monk, Jonathan
Moorman, Charlotte
Mouvement Nuclear
Nitsch, Hermann (and Viennese Aktionism including Ooto Meul and Gunter Brus)
Nouveau Realisme (Including Hains, Rotella, Arman,
On Kawara
Ono, Yoko (and John Lennon)
Paik, Nam June
Paris 1968 (including posters)
Pettibon, Raymond
Pop Art
Progressive / psychedelic music including posters
Prince, Richard
Punk (prior to 1987)
Richter, Gerhard
Ruscha, Ed
Sachs, Tom
Schneider, Gregor
Schneemann, Carolee
Siegelaub, Seth
Signal Gallery
Smith, Jack
Smith, Patti
Tot, Andre
Tuttle, Richard
Valoch, Jiri
Vautier, Ben
Vostell, Wolf
Warhol, Andy
Watts, Robert
Weiner, Lawrence
Wide White Space
Young La Monte and Marien Zazeela

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