182550 – 182949, 1ST AUGUST 1971 TO ENDLESS.


Koln: Edition Hundertmark, 1971

Two part printed cardboard box content of  a series of printed and hand-written cards – which are paired up. Each event card has a postal mailing card for it – which is meant to be sent to Andersen along with the first card for the artist to return some unspecified item in substitution for the card.  The cards all have a number stamped on them and one of these “event” scores is a postal cheque made out to Andersen and two others have the letter “I” handwritten by Andersen on the card. This is one of only 50 such boxes which were assembled. Sadly the box here has broken corners on the top lid and the bottom lid has also flattened out and has a small tear. Both could be repaired with care. We have priced this item much lower (FAR less than half-price) than it is currently available elsewhere as a result of this damage but it is a rare multiple  from Andersen.

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