NYC: Fluxus: n.d. (1966)

26.8 × 21.5 cm, 1PP b/w small poster/leaflet issued by Maciunas for showings of various Fluxu films including Eye Blink Artype by Maciunas, OP74 by Eric Andersen, Disappearing Music For Face by Mieko Shiomi, Envocations by Dick Higgins, 10 Feet by Maciunas, Readymade by Albert Fine, 4 Loops by Paul Sharits, Film no 4 by Yoko Ono, Police by John Cale, Smoke by Joe Jones, 2 Kennedy Films, Entry Exit by George Brecht, and Zen for Film by Nam June Paik.
Maciunas’ typography and design is stunning if hard to read but this is a very rare Fluxus early publication in VG+ condition.

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