3 TONNE EDITION. NR 2. 1973.


Heidleberg: Edition Staeck, Germany, 1973 – 1985
46 x 45.5cm vinyl sheet silkscreened on both sides in black ink. Beuys had intended to produce a “water book” using the printed sheets but when that project became technically impossible, he took the 44 different sheets and released them as a multiple. Only 1,150 were completed and Beuys handpainted many of the sheets with his brown oil paint (Browncross). This is one of the unworked and unsigned edition sheets. The weight of the entire edition when added together was 3 tonnes. The image on each two sided print varies and some are more desirable athan others – here the image is of Beuys organising his sledges for an installation and is one fo the more sought after examples from the edition. Very good condition. Schellmann Nr. 74.

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