Edinburgh: Show and Tell Editions, 2001
25 x 25 x 25cm object multiple – wood, found objects, screws, acrylic paint, found book, paint brush paper, laminate, brass plate and book.
Content of a 153 x 145mm, 118pp. signed (by Friedman) and numbered edition of a 2002 diary, stapled with card covers and printed offset dust
jacket.  This deluxe edition has the diary housed in a (partly painted) small, handmade, wooden bookcase (a cube) with added small wooden toys, a deck of cards, paint and brush, a model boat, a found second hand theology book, etc – all referencing the text of the “52 Events” diary within which each week of the coming year is accompanied by an event score by Friedman. Most scores are annotated in 9pp of detailed notes at the back of the diary containing much historical Fluxus information and anecdotes as well as background on the various event scores themselves.

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