LE PETIT COLOSSE DE SYMH (SIMI). NR. 1. 1966. first number of spoerri’s review.


Basel: Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, 1966

100 x 70cm, (open size) – a single sheet folded to 25 x 17.5cm. Black on light brown paper. The first number of this artist’s journal (4 = ALL) and artist’s book published by Daniel Spoerri and Kichka Baticheff during the period 1966 to 1967 under the title of the “Nothing Else Review” (a joke based on Higgin’s Something Else Press).

Issue number 1 includes writings by Diter Rot, Claes Oldenburg, Olivier Mosset, Emmett Williams, George Brecht, Jean Tinguely, Robert Filliou, Francois Dufrene, Claes Oldenburg, Andre Thomkins, and others. Some texts are reprints of earlier articles (Tinguely’s is from 1953 for instance and is reproduced in facsimile) whereas other such as Spoerri’s own notes on the history of Simi were first published here. Diter Roth’s poem: Der blauen Flut zweiter Teil is published alongside Andre Thomkins “Carte Postal”. A near fine example.

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