A BOAT-YARD. 1969.


Dunsyre: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1969

12.5 x 10.2cm, single sheet of dark blue card accordion folded six times to make 14 panels. Each panel has a line drawing which is unusually not credited so perhaps appropriated from another publication. Each boat is dedicated to a friend or enemy such that one can discern Finlay’s opinion of them or a wry comment on their character.

A Boat, for Bob Cobbing*
Barking Fish-Carrier

Cobbing as Finlay notes here with the * was a sound poet in the London poetry scene. Of course the entire literary scene might well be a “boatyard” of ever moving figures b(c)obbing here and there.

Murray has placed this item as an artist’s book but it could easily be re-catagorised as a folding card but for ease of reference we have decided to keep in as an “artist’s book” in our listings.

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