Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1983
20 x 8.8cm, 4pp. A folding card with Finlay’s poem overprinted on a camouflage pattern in green on light brown. The poem links various body parts and tree parts to others. The first half of the poem link the head to the fingers via other parts, the second the roots to the blossom on the twigs. The final line is “and fruit” which can be allocated both to the hand and the twig (a human can hold fruit). On the back of the card Trump cites both a book on Physiognomy – the habit of judging traits from structures and also Strathclyde Region’s Schedule of Poinding Assessments Payable to the Strathclyde Regional Council (1982) in which Finlay would have been included because of his dispute over the Garden temple.
A dryad of course is a mythical spirit that is found within a tree – the metaphor of “tree – human” here is hinted at as being enough to allow judgement about that person, tree or even farm.

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