Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1991
20.0 x 7.3cm, 8pp (single accordion folded sheet). A scythe is evolved over three panels into firstly a lightning strike as a blade to a single S from the nazi SS logo in the third panel. Drawing by Gary Hincks. The forth panel has a long text written by a 17th century Monk Abraham a Sancta Clara who compares death as a reaper, a gardener, a player and thunderbolt which not only strikes down the poor but also the powerful. The alteration in the design of the blade not only reminds one of the origin of the SS symbol and the German fascist interest in Nordic origins but also the aggression and death that they brought to the world.

This is a variant on a very similar card (with the same name and text) which Finlay issued in a smaller size in 1990. VG+.

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