Gorebridge: Show & Tell Editions, 2020.
42.5 x 60cm unprinted cardboard folded with printed label content of a 42 x 59.4cm full colour Giclee print.

Smithee (1981) is a bit of a recluse. In fact he is rarely seen even at his own exhibitions and installations. He primarily works in sculpture, photography (using only iPhone images) and installations. The latter works are always created by the artist’s instruction to others as he refuses to be involved in the construction.
Anchoress 2019 references the Middle Ages’ phenomena of women (it was usually women) being bricked up into cells in churches never to be released again; spending their lives reliant on the goodwill of the local community (who had to bring food and drink and dispose of the waste of the occupant), offering advice to those willing to talk to them through a small hole in the wall and dedicating their thoughts and actions to their Christian god (usually the stone chambers had a second hole internal to the church where they could see the nave and alter and take part in rites). 

Smithee’s naked Anchoress was bricked into a temporary brick cell at Lust and the Apple during the exhibition opening and was not allowed (or be able) to leave the construction for 24 hours. In that time visitors were welcome to seek moral or life advice from the wise and virtuous woman.
This Giclee print Is issued in an edition of only 10 numbered and signed prints and two artist’s proofs; both signed and denoted as AP1 and AP2.

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