Dunsyre: Wild Hawthorn Press, (1982)
11.4 x 10.4cm,12pp and printed wrappers.
Artist’s book with two quotations from Cholmeley and Burnet from Greek texts – the first is “a line of green among the trees” from Theocritis which Finlay claims is “Land Art in Theocritis” and the second from Empedokles referencing the idylls of Aphrodite as “A Fete Galante in Empedokles”. The cover of the book is a b/w reproduction of an unidentified Watteau painting (who painted The Departure to Cytheria). The book ends with a quotation from Sol Lewitt: “One usually understands the art of the past by applying the conventions of the present – this mis-understanding the art of the past.” Finlay had created many “homage” works where he celebrated the essence of many artists – this is the reverse, the modern celebrating the past but by deliberate misunderstanding. VG+>

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