n.p. (London): n.p. (Robert Fraser Gallery), n.d. (1968)
10.5 x 15.5cm, 1pp. Hand painted/silkscreened postcard displaying an original graphic by Hamilton of Whitley Bay bathers. Hamilton made some of these cards as announcement cards for the exhibition but over printed the cards to create a small edition work. Very scarce indeed – one estimate is that fewer than 100 were produced without gallery details verso (as here). Rather a small wonder. Designated as an original print in recent Hamilton catalogue raisonnees and recent auction prices have been much higher than here. This example has the faintest of creases which can be seen from the blank behind of the card but much less so if at all from the front (something if it was framed would be extremely hard to see) and, as with all of the cards, is unavoidably rippled from the overprinting which caused the underlying paper to dry with this alteration to the original flat sheet. Priced to reflect this minor condition issue. It is designated as a print albeit a small one in the Hamilton catalogue raisonne.

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