Paris: Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1968

22.5 x 14cm, 104pp plus card covers. The rare exhibition catalogue for this show of urbanism/utopianism based around the distinctive theories of Tomka and other intellectuals involved with the theoretical journal Utopie. The exhibition stressed the role of mobile, changeable and disposable structures and the need for a complexity of living space (which contrasted with the , then, dominant Le Corbusier “house as a factory to live in” ethos). Similar interests in the creation of provocations and new ways of living merged well with the IS theorists then currently becoming widely noticed. Published only two months before the outbreak of student and worker revolt in May of the same year this was a timely and influential exhibition. A contemporary critic’s notes are hand handwritten on the back page else a very good + example of a very scarce and much sought after book.

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