Edinburgh: Show & Tell Editions, 2011
21 x 30cm, full colour digitally printed certificate with silver foil stamping on heavy paper. An unusual print multiple in that the certificate gives the owner the right to forge the autograph of the composer Frederic Acquaviva on any record or CD produced by him without any further permission and that forged signature to be regarded as just as “authentic” as any actual signature written by Acquaviva himself.
The certificate is “signed” by Acquaviva on the bottom in pencil but, in actuality, is not really signed as the “Frederic Acquaviva” signature is actually itself a forgery signed by the publisher as instructed by the composer.

In addition this limited edition of 30 signed and numbered copies is priced unusually – the “purchaser” merely pays for the shipping and is recompensed for buying the work by the payment of an one Euro coin by the publishers ‘Show & Tell’ on behalf of Acquaviva.

An unusual print multiple  – a conceit which is envisaged as not only comment on the financial benefits of buying artworks for speculation but also a blatant attempt by Acquaviva to sell more records and CDs.

Price is therefore: – 1 euro i.e. an one Euro coin will be included with the certificate as payment to the purchaser for the risk of ‘buying’ the work. Shipping is free but at the cheapest rate and if the work is lost in the mail then no replacement will be sent.

NB: Certificates will be sent out on a first come, first served basis and the edition is strictly limited to 30 numbered examples of which Show & Tell will distribute/’sell’ 18 copies and Acquaviva will distribute/’sell’ 9 copies with 3 copies to be retained by artist and publisher and not for sale.

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