London: Tate Enterprises, 2001
20cm approx foam plastic soccer ball in traditional net content of a standard computer cd and a small 24pp booklet. The cd has a PC and Mac compatible screensaver which re-voices fictitious Scottish football scores as Pantone colour chart numbers which are reflected by colours displayed on the computer screen. Patterson has been a wow on the YBA scene for a while thanks to his “top ten” and”top one hundred” paintings that wittily categorise artists and artistic movements in coloured popularity charts. Unnumbered “limited edition” although no information is available as to edition size. Blue and red variants of ball were available according to your team colour – this is the red version. The plastic of the ball is showing some minor degradation after 20 years – something the artist did not really consider (nor the lack of floppy disk drives to load the screensaver) – this was not future proofed but still an interesting object multiple.

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