Koln: De/Collage (Vostell), 1962 – 1967

Six separate numbers – a complete run (although Vostell did later add an exhibition catalogue and designate it as De/collage 7 despite it being somewhat different in content to these copies) of this assmblage/artist’s journal that predated vTRE and other Fluxus related artist publications.

The collection here consists of:

Decoll/age 1

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): June 1962

26 x 22cm, 32pp double fold out pages plus card covers with folds. The first number of the series with original contributions by Arthur Köpcke, George Maciunas, Benjamin Patterson, Nam June Paik, La Monte Young, Volf Vostell and others. Slight wear to the right hand side of the folded wrappers else VG+. 

Decoll/age 2

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): November 1962

30 x 21cm, 42pp plus paper wrappers. Internal pages are mimeographed and stapled. Edited by Dick Higgins – the whole consisting of his “The Broadway Opera” translated into German. The front cover is a b/w photograph of the poet/artist outside a German cinema. With original publisher’s wrap-around band – which is torn but complete and with original scotch tape closure still there but the glue has lost its adhesion. Very rare number from the series especially with the band.

Inserted: subscription leaflet for Decoll/age 1 and 2.

Decoll/age 3

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): December 1962

27 x 21.8cm, unpaginated (108pp plus 12pp) and wrappers. Internal pages include a transparent sheet and several folders, stapled, blank cover, printed jacket. Contributions by C. Caspari, Christo, Jed Curtis, Henry Flint, Dick Higgins, Gyogy Ligetti, Nam June Paik, Jan Voss, Vostell, F. Mon, Pera, F. Crowbridge, JP Wilhelm. The internal sheets include various types of printing: offset, mimeograph, screen printing. Illustrated throughout. VG+ although some wear/minor emerging tears along spine of the wrappers. 

Decoll/age 4

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): January 1964

27 x 21.8cm, unpaginated (132pp) and wrappers. A “Special Happenings” number with contributions by  Georges Brecht, Stanley Brouwn (including his USE THIS BROUWN stamped paper bag stuck to the third blank page – a rare edition), Allan Kaprow, Higgins, Paik, Jean Jacques Lebel, Tomas Schmit, Claes Oldenburg, Al Hansen and others. Most pages are double folded.  Very scarce.

Decoll/age 5

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): February 1966

Happenings / Stücke / Partituren

28 x 23 x 4cm (approx) outer card portfolio. The most important of the  series with many object multiples and print editions included in the publication. This consists of 22 multiple-elements including the first ever object multiple by Joseph Beuys: “Zwei Fraulen mit lenchtendem Brot” consisting of a block of painted chocolate fixed on a strip of printed paper and tipped on scroll. Other works are by René Block, Claus Bremer, Henning Christiansen, Hans Joachim Dietrich, Ludwig Gosewitz, Dick Higgins, Bernhard Höke, Allan Kaprow, Franz Mon, Benjamin Patterson, Eckart Rahn, Gerhard Rühm, Vagelis Tsakiridis, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, ZAJ Group (which is signed). The Vostell work is a sealed sheet of printed paper with yellow dust/sand inside the sealed plastic and is complete and undamaged here. VG+ overall although the portfolio card folder is a little damaged as the internal uneven sheets have put pressure on the outer card. This is a scarce item to find in good condition and the Beuys contribution is particularly prized. 

Decoll/age 6

Koln: Decoll/age (Vostell): July 1967

29 x 21.7cm, unpaginated (174pp), plus card wrappers (reproducing the front page of Le Figaro from September 6, 1954). Texts in German and English. Contributions by Higgins, Maciunas, Vostell, Gustav Metzger, Milan Knizak, Vautier, Hansen, Kaprow, Paik, Franz Mon, Daniel Spoerri, Charlotte Moorman, Jean-Jacques Lebel, and Alison Knowles. Also laid into the pages is the original multiple of Diter Rot “das Blaue Geheul” a hand written card. 

There are very few complete runs of this journal available online and this is the cheapest we know of.


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