n.p. (Paris): n.p. (Surrealiste Group), 1957

32.5 x 25.5 cm, 4pp. A lengthy text mostly by Breton in which the group condemned the activities of the Gallery Kleber which had organised the “Commemorative Ceremonies of the Condemnation of Siger de Brabant” – an exhibition with a catalogue text which argued for the return to “Christian” values. Given the gallery’s owners were two former surrealists (Hentai and Mathieu) this was a double sin and the wrath of the group was made public. The surrealists (always anti-clerical) also took the chance to attack the Pope as the head of a tyranny.

Signed by Bedoin, Benayoun, Bona, Breton, Dax, Ivsic, Legrand, Mansour, Mitrani, Oppenheim, Peret, Schuster and Toyen amongst others this is a scarce publication. Some surface abrasion, minor light grubbiness and minor marking to outer surfaces and a printer’s ink stain to the left side of the front page (none of which affects the text at any point) this is just below very good but certainly a useful and interesting document to have nonetheless. Priced thus.

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