COUPURE. NRS 1, 3, 7. 1969 – 1972. A PART RUN.


Paris, Le Terrain Vague, October 1969 to January 1972

Three separate numbers. Uniformly 49 x 32cm, 8pp. Full colour throughout. While strictly a post-surrealist publication, could easily be considered in the same stream of history and certainly quotes surrealist texts (eg ELT Mesens) and reproduces works such as those by Magritte.

The title “Coupures” which translates as “cuts” explains the format: with many short, précis and selections. The design is modern and uses all the benefits of 70s typography and technology: something clearly disallowed their predecessors.

Nr 1 has texts on Bernadette Devlin (of the terrorist official IRA), Sharon Tate, a poem by Legrand, and a Man Ray work alongside one of the first reproduced images of a group of the Becher’s “Sculptures anonymes” as well as anti-Gaulleist diatribes.

Nr 3 a poem by Mesens and 7: Bory, Breton and Heartfield. All folded but otherwise very good.


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