NYC: Fluxus (Maciunas) c. 1965
17.2 x 17cm cardboard folder with Maciunas designed label (black on white). Content of 22 printed event cards of various sizes with texts in English and Japanese. This is one of the earliest Fluxus event boxes. There are variants on this box – using plastic boxes but this is another of a number of boxes which could lay claim to be the first edition. Maciunas usually printed many more cards than he required for immediate use and then used them to assemble new versions of a box – sometimes adding new cards and sometimes mistakenly not inserting all cards or even putting in duplicate cards (as here where one event card is included 3 times!) Scarce – the limitation is not known. The folder is torn for about 4cm at the bottom folded edge (invisble until one looks for it) but is otherwise in very good condition.. Ref: Silverman Fluxus Codex No 397.

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