New York: s.p., n.d. (1963)
61 x 50.5cm, b/w original photograph showing one of the famous images from the artist’s EYE BODY performance. This was one of a number of such photographs given to me by Carolee after she installed a work using these photographs in an exhibition I curated in 2011. She tore up the photos and threw them on the floor in order to make a new work which was in some sense a rejection of her youth and past (she was in her 70s when she did this). This was one of 5 photographs she did not use in the work and I was given four of the images (the other went to my assistant). The back of the photograph says “Not for sale” written by Carolee because it was a gift. . If it did not say that on the back I would be asking for double this price. So this is a very rare chance to own a part of early feminist art and a famous part at that.

In very good + condition – and we can supply a digital image of Schneemann using these photographs to make the new work in 2011 to show provenance.

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