FABRE. 1992.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1992
8.4 x 15.4cm, 4pp card. Two water colour paintings by Gary Hincks of a embroidered name tag for clothing with the name “Philippe Francoise Nazaire Fabre” and a signpost with the text “Fabre D’Eglantine”.
Fabre D’Eglantine was the pen name of Philippe Francoise Nazaire Fabre, the revolutionary actor and poet. Close to Danton he was the president of the Cordeliers club and also member of the Jacobin Club. He went to the guillotine along with the rest of the Dantonists after his personal actions in accepting financial gain from the corrupt actions around the East India Company having given Robespierre an excuse to act against his opponents and his previous friend Danton.
The two paintings show Fabre’s aristocratic roots and his later more revolutionary activities in their forms – one elaborate, the other rough and practical. Fabre was also the main writer of the French republican calendar.

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