Amsterdam: Gallerie A, 1979

32 x 29cm red folder (ring binder) with xeroxed label content of 37 plastic pockets. The pockets contain many originals and later xeroxes of original texts, leaflets, booklets and cuttings assembled by Hansen during his last years in Amsterdam. Many of the texts, posters and leaflets are from the vintage period of Fluxus – 1963 – 1969 and include some rarities including a booklet from Artzien showing Al Hansen collecting cigarette butts in the red light district, an original handwritten letter to Ruhe in envelope, an original photograph of a collage by Jones, the original leaflet for 3rd Rail Environment at Judson Gallery from 1963, an original contact print of 5 images from a happening, an original colour photograph of a Jones holding a Dick Higgins mask over his face, a handwritten text by Hansen about a Herman Nitsch aktion from 1968 in New York, an original collage by Hansen using a beer mat and a pornographic playing card on a xerox image of one of his earlier happenings, a copy of his xero editioned print “A Celebration of Knowing George Brecht” which is signed and numbered 20 of 20 and dated 1971,  a 1973 original small poster for “Art & the Environment” by “Prof Zanfagna”, an original announcement card for Viking Dada with hardwritten address which is signed by Hansen, an original signed letter to Ruhe from the artist, an original photograph of the artist at an opening with an unidentified woman, a small original offset lithographic poster for Al Hansen 1979 exhibition, four original 9 x 13cm, b/w silver gelatine photographs of the artist in the street and at an installation and two xerox images of drawings by Hansen that the artist has overdrawn with ink in parts.

The folder is roman numbered from a small edition of 5 copies (this being number II). Complete as issued.  This appears to be one of 5 artist proofs aside from the larger edition of 20 copies. The contents of each “Flux Flak Pak” varied enormously as did the quality of the original items in each – this admittedly is one of the lesser examples and is priced accordingly.

Moreover Ruhe’s idea of putting the items in plastic folder files was a bad one – the plastic has reacted with some items – ink has transferred from the drawings and some xeroxes to the inner side of the plastic and the general design is more than a bit chaotic but then so was most Fluxus. This is still a desirable publication from Hansen and as noted with some unique elements.


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