NYC: De Ridder/Maciunas, n.d. ( c. 1961/1962?)
Eight different event cards (some of which were in the Maciunas boxed edition) issued separately as a group by both the artist and Fluxus. The cards herein are as follows:
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “If you read this sentence (…) you owe William de Ridders $5”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “the one who reads this sentence is it.”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “Don’t perform this event.&”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “Please do not fold”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “Send this card to your neighbour”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “Fold makes a paper airplane”
8 x 10.7cm, 1pp. “Cut here to leave a random shape”
5 x 7.5cm, 1pp. “Changer”
Some versions of these cards were used in Fluxbox 1 and 2 and others (as noted above) in the Maciunas box – but this vintage example is in an unprinted envelope and usually used by de Ridder in performances with a seated audience where these cards were handed out at the beginning of the night. Similar cards and envelopes are illustrated in Silverman Codex Pg. 236. Fine.

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