NYC: Fluxus, 1970

11.8x 10.2 x 2.8cm approx. plastic box with 7 compartments containing various pseudo-religious relics and two printed labels (both designed by Maciunas). First edition of this wonderfully anti-clerical fluxbox where Hendricks has offered various relics which are clearly modern and not what is claimed: ie, a pen used by Theodore of Mopsuestia to write his Nestorian errors (a biro); a fragment of rope by which Judas hung himself (some electrical wire), fingernails of Monophysitists cut at the Council of Chakcedon (true enough – fingernails); holy shit from diners at the Last Supper (cat poop); the final stone that killed St James the Less (a tiny pebble); nails from the cross of St Andrew (again nails but suspiciously modern looking) and sweat of Lucifer from the heat of hell (the liquid is indeed red and in a medical bottle once used by Maciunas to treat his own ailments). Of course all reliquaries are full of fake objects anyway so this is no less holy than any Vatican approved item but just a little more obviously a con. To our  taste the very best of the small Fluxus boxes. Limitation not known but very scarce. Fine. Silverman nr. 153.

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