39 x 12 x 14cm, mixed media original unique work. Metal oil can box with screw lid and handle, scratched and removed printed surface paint, two silver gelatin photographs, adhesive tape, board, paper and graphite. This work consists of a found metal oil box which has the word “FLUX” already printed on it and to which Vostell has added “wings” of board attached to the back of the tin. Those wings both have an original photograph by Vostell mounted on them. The tin box has been scratched by Vostell to remove all the other texts appear from “FLUX” from it (a decollage). The two photographs are both also of “decollages” (art made by destruction or taking away).The whole is signed on an attached piece of paper with new year wishes “Gut fur 1972″) and signed in pen by the artist.
An exceptional period work by the artist.

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