n.p.: n.p. (s.p.?), 2002
23 x 16.7 x 3.5, two-part silkscreened cardboard box content of a folded 36 x 37cm white cotton table napkin with a silkscreened image in green, red and black of two waterpistols pointing at each other with the spout of one exactly meeting the spout of the other – hence allowing an exchange of fluids or a negation of their function as (relatively harmless) weapons. The napkin is wrapped in transparent paper with a printed band which has on it a b/w photo-montage of a very young child (possibly a girl) holding a white flag of surrender as he walks hand in hand with his mother. A late peaceful multiple from the Viennese body artist and feminist who sadly died in 2006. Fine in fine box, hand numbered on an adhesive label on the side of the box. We believe the edition size was 50 but cannot confirm this. The title translates into “Peacekiss”.

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