Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 2000
15.2 x 21.4cm, 48pp plus red patterned boards. Artist’s book with eighteen b/w photographs by Robin Gillanders ofone of the small sections of Little Spartas which Finaly denoted as Huff Lane – in part a joke about being somewhere to go and sit when feeling aggrieved (“In the huff” as Scots say.
Along the lane are five low benches inscribed with epigrams such as:

“A lane cannot be measured in metres”

This line may be related to another bench:

“In a lane one will not encounter Apollo but one may come upon Pan.”

The former is a punny musical reference (Pan after all plays the pipes) and a lane is usually shadowed from the sun but also it has music from nature:

“A song of a skylark may return us to Shelley, a lane may lead us back to Clare.”

Both Shelley and Clare are romantic poets.
GIllander’s photographs are also of flowers found during the (very) short walk.
One of 300 such books published for Christmas 2000. VG+. Finlay gives Pia Simig a credit for being part of the conceptual idea.

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