Paris: Cahiers du Centre d’etudes Socialiste, 1967

21 x 13.5cm, 32pp. Original wrappers. Two contributions by the authors on the role and limits of ideology (and in particular Marxism when confronted with the concept of reality. Lefebvre was a key figure in many ideological groupings – an early provo-surrealist and member of the Philosophies group that challenged Breton’s leadership, an active Communist then member of the French resistance and, later, a major influence on both Cobra and the International Situationists (with whom he eventually, inevitably, fell out). During his career as an academic philosopher he was a key figure in developing a theory of urbanism and stressing the role of the founding of the City as a motive force in altering human relationships and promoting alienation as well as arguing that new forms of production and class relation required an evolution of new kinds of spaces. Scarce document. Slightly browned else VG+.

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