Maple City: s.p. (Jerry Gretzinger), 2012
25.5 x 20.5cm, inkjet on thin card. A homemade limited edition print (by Gretzinger) from “Jerry’ map” a fictional huge map which consists of over 3,600 individual eight by ten inch panels. created in acrylic, marker, coloured pencil, ink, collage, and inkjet prints on heavy paper. Began in 1963 as a hobby the work is now extensive having been exhibited in many museums (including in Edinburgh in a show curated by Paul Robertson) and is a remarkable undertaking.
The map changes regularly according to “rules” set by Gretzinger who uses a home made pack of cards to randomly decide which areas of the map become “developed” ie new drawings are made and replace the original panels much as if the city has grown or parts of the map faced natural disasters.
This is a limited edition print from the original panel “N23/W20” – edition size not known.


21.5 x 14cm,1pp reproduced thank you note from Gretzinger offering the print as a gift. VG+.

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