Berlin: Artikel-Editionen, 2000

44 x 33 x 10 cm, leather briefcase with carious documents internally. This ornate object multiple is designed to take all of the effort out of illegal dealings and money laundering – the case (which would be useful for filling with cash) contains a Zurich letter box address and new alias for the owner in a sealed envelope, an original editioned  card with Patterson’s portrait photo by Rainer Schmidt and a leather suitcase tag with label which is signed and numbered by Patterson in an edition of only 33 copies.

Patterson suggests this is a ‘performance score’ to be completed by the owner. So now you have an excuse for your illegal money laundering activities – it is ART.

The number that opens the case corresponds to the copy number of the edition.

All elements fine in like case. Purchasers should send us 10% of all income from the use of this item else we will grass you up.

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