LINEA SUD. ANNO II, N. 2. 1967.


Napoli: Linea Sud, 1967
22 x 16cm, unpaginated (32pp) plus original printed wrappers. A single number of this avant garde art journal here dedicated to experimental and visual poetry (poesia visiva). Included are




L. Caruso, G. Desiato, E. Villa, I. Isou, M. Lemaitre, (unusually this journal includes Lettrisme as experimental visual poetry when it is often overlooked) J.P. Garnier and others. However importantly there are also two folded poem silkscreen posters by Ian Hamilton Finlay (each opens to 60 x 36cm) which are different in format to other prints of the same works – one is Planet which is printed in brown and somewhat loosely – and the other – is SEEM SEA which appears to be very similar to the Wild Hawthorn Press print SEAM with a similar use of the space between the letters of the word. Printed in blue this is a another nautical inspired work by the poet – with elements of alliteration and homophony playing with the relative placing of the works on the page. This print was only ever published as this insert into the magazine and is very rare – the journal is often found without the prints or with one or the other missing. This is a complete publication in VG+ condition with like prints.
We feel these works should be categorised as prints in their own right and not as contributions to a magazine.

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