Dublin/Glasgow: CCA and Tramway, Glasgow, 1994
25.5 x 37cm. embossed folio-folder with ribbon-tie, content of four texts (50 pp. combined), each housed in individual vari-colored folder, a single glossy offset sheet of 64 photo-based b/w images (housed in vari-colored folder), two sets of 24 b/w photo-based card images (2 x 6 cm., respectively) and 5 b/w photo-postcards documenting the title installation as wel as an image of the Mackintosh Library at Glasgow School of Arts+ contents sheet. Additionally there are five sets of bound “clocking-in” cards for supposed workers who were later, it is hinted at, were made redundant.

First issue of this intriguing assemblage multiple by Boltanski, after a project which was exhibited in Dublin and Glasgow. A poignant and provocative work. All elements intact (many online examples are missing the postcards) and in fine estate in like folio-folder.

One included item was an appropriated photographic postcard (originally by Bedford Lemere in 1910) of the Mackintosh Library at Glasgow School of Art alongside the other documents which related to lost things. Obviously Boltanski was not to know it would be “lost” itself in time when it burned down in 2014 almost 20 years later.

Scarce thus – many of the folders were lost in a warehouse water accident from the original printing of 500 sets (and many of the remainders bought as a job lot by Paul Robertson when the Glasgow CCA decided to sell off their bookshop’s stock.

The work is full of ironies.

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