N.p. : s.p. (Fritsch), 1982
30 x 9 x 8cm approx. painted plaster figure reproducing a found image of the virgin Mary. One of an “unlimited” edition of such small sculptures issued by Fritsch – but “unlimited” does not reflect the scarcity of these object multiples. Issued as part of the installations “Warengestell” and “Warengestell mit Madonnen” where a large number of copies of common items were shown in large displays as if in a shop. The original of the figurine was purchased from a devotional shop, cast then recreated in plaster with the yellow colour added by the artist. This is the most sought after of the multiples Fritsch created. This example has some minor condition issues – a little of the plaster has been broken off the hands of the madonna (see pictures) and is slightly rubbed elsewhere – we have reduced the price greatly. Elsewhere on this website you can (at the time of writing) find a much more close to VG+ example but the price is of course far more). Ref: Liebermann 31

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