NYC: Francesco Scavullo, 1973 (printed 2004)
54 x 44.5cm, silver gelatine print. A single image from the “Song”, portfolio released as part of Francesco Scavullo: A Photographic Retrospective. Printed after the controversial photographer’s death this is an iconic image of the rock star’s face in close up. This is a proof copy of the print, signed on the stamp by Sean Byrnes who printed the image. Additionally the handwritten text: “Prop. of James M. Endez, Dada Art Gallery, 19469 Ende’s Studio” has been written on the back. Sadly there are some condition issues here – some vertical tears to the white upper border and one diagonal crease top left which has effected the image for around 15 cm. With proper framing this would not be too obvious but it is an issue. These prints fetch $2,000 at auction but we have priced this much lower to account for these issues – still a fantastic work showing the middle aged Jagger in all his hubris. The portfolio was released in 150 number copies but this is aside to that.

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