Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1984
8.8 x 10.2cm , 4pp black and red on white card.
The card lists twelve new names of the months of the year (much like the way the French Revolutionary calendar renamed the year. The names “Month of the Hurricane”, “Month of the Snowman” mostly reflect the weather but there are also references to the events of 1793 but one line is printed in festive red “Month of the Pocket Battleship” which one may assume is the month around Christmas (this being a Christmas card). December is hence now the 4th month and a pocket battleship being a toy may be seen as a children’s gift.,BR>
This example of the card has a relatively long (for a small card) message from Finlay to Stuart (Mills?) “doesn’t this card remind you a wee line of Old Times, even if it is not printed in 60’s sepia? I thinkI made it especially for you. How are you? That rotten firm never answered my letter about their rotten clockwork boat. Love to all, your chum, Ian. 12.12.84”. An insightful short missive. VG+.

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