NECROCARD. c. 1999.


London, Neoist Alliance, n.d. (c. 1999)
7 x 10cm 2pp blue and red card which “supports equal liberation” and gives permission for others to use the owner’s body for sexual activity after death. It was something of a provocation – Home wrote: “…the response to the necrocards wasn’t entirely positive. Walking down Charing Cross Road I was stopped by a woman of thirty who asked me if I’d take a flyer for a music bar. I agreed to take a flyer if she’d take one of my cards. Once we’d done our exchange and the woman had read what I’d handed her she started screaming. Eventually a guy with whom she was working came and took the card from her. He seemed as bemused as I was by her hysterical reaction. But I left him to comfort her. A girl I handed a card at an art opening told me I was sick and that I shouldn’t make jokes about necrophilia. Of course the cards are humorous and while they aren’t legally binding, they do make a serious point. As far as I can see, if sex is consensual then there is no reason for there being legal sanctions against it.” Home actually received 50,000 such cards because of a printer’s mistake and he did actually manage to distribute them all – and now they are scarce. Fine condition.

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