NYC: Grommet Gallery, 1982

28 x 22cm, 8pp (self cover). Artist’s publication/journal which was designed by Jean Dupuy and Christian Xatrec and published by Emily Harvey (who held the copyright). Texts and works by Olga Adorno, Brian Butzak, Maureen Connor, Charles Dreyfus, Jean Dupuy, Y. Fusion, Jean Jacques Ferron, Ralston Farina, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jacques Halbert, Alexander Hahn, Emily Harvey, Hisachicka, Joel Hubaut, Dragan Ilic, Mati Klarwein, Arnuad Labell-Rejouy, Patrice Lerochereuil, Olivier Lerch, Linda Levit, Charles Long, Mollyne Kanosky, Tony Mascatello, Richard Mock, Robert Montoya, Tim Maul, Andrew Moszynski, Michael Moneagle, Minda Novek, Molly Randa, K. Roll, Marc Ryan, John Stewart, Steve Wilson, Wonder products, Christian Xantrec and Andrea Zakin are crammed into the eight pages all in b/w. The loose theme of the works was meant to be “pastiche” and the publication also promoted the group show of the same name at Grommet Gallery.

A very scarce early publication from the gallery. VG+.

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